Download the Baghdad Atlas

Update April 21, 2020: The latest version of the Baghdad Atlas database can be downloaded here. Earlier versions of the Atlas are also available from the following locations:

capture1 notebook

capture1 solutions notebook

capture2 notebook

capture2 solutions notebook

dicebox (NE201) UPDATE: March 12, 2022

National Nuclear Data Center

Nuclear Science and Security Consortium

The data in the Atlas is valuable for many applications ranging from nuclear nonproliferation, active neutron-interrogation studies and benchmarking nuclear-reaction models in the fast-fission neutron range. However, its use is limited by the fact that the data was only previously available in [out-of-print] book format. To enhance its utility, the data has been compiled into a set of CSV-style ASCII tables and software has been developed to produce a locally-installed SQLite relational database. The complete downloadable package and contains the following components:


[1] A.M. Demidov, L.I. Govor, Yu.K. Cherepantsev, M.R. Ahmed, S. Al-Najjar, M.A. Al-Amili, N. Al-Assafi, and N. Rammo, "Atlas of Gamma-Ray Spectra from the Inelastic Scattering of Reactor Fast Neutrons", Nuclear Research Institute, Baghdad, Iraq (Moscow, Atomizdat 1978).