Morgan Fox

Alumnus, PhD 2021

Now at: Terrestrial Energy


Nuclear Data Evaluation of High-Energy Proton-Induced Reactions for Isotope Production


Morgan Fox was a Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley working in Lee Bernstein's Nuclear Data Group at LBNL. He was a member of the Isotope Program experimental sub-team within the group and his work focused on proton-induced reactions on arsenic as well as charged-particle modeling. The basis of the arsenic investigation stems from a need to better quantify nuclear data for Se-72 and Ge-68 production, which are relevant isotopes for PET imaging in oncological situations. Morgan's work was part of a "Tri-lab" collaboration between three US national lab sites: LBNL, LANL, and BNL. He has used the Tri-lab effort to additionally spur interest in and contribute to the optimization of pre-equilibrium calculations for high-energy charged-particle nuclear reaction modeling.

Morgan is an Engineering Physics graduate from Queen's University, Canada, and joined the Nuclear Data Group in 2018 after receiving his Master of Engineering from UC Berkeley.

After graduating from UC Berkeley, Morgan joined Terrestrial Energy in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, working as a Physics Scientist for Research & Development.

Fun Facts

He is a big sports fan who gets sad every year when the Leafs lose even though it's inevitable. Morgan also once placed second in his middle school's French spelling bee.