Workshop for Applied Nuclear Data Activities (WANDA)

The Workshop for Applied Nuclear Data Activities (WANDA) will be held at the Elliott School of International affairs at the George Washington University from January 22-24, 2019, followed by a one-day invitation-only classified session on January 25, 2019. This workshop will be modeled after the Nuclear Data Roadmapping Enhancement Workshop (NDREW), held at the UCDC center in 2018, that helped guide the last Nuclear Data Interagency Working Group Funding Opportunity Announcement. A technical report of the proceedings from NDREW may be obtained here. The purpose of WANDA is to discuss nuclear data needs and potential solutions for nuclear energy, nonproliferation, isotope production, and stewardship science.

The WANDA organizing committee:

Lee Bernstein (LBNL/UC Berkeley)
Catherine Romano (ORNL)
Rian Bahran (LANL)

DOE Conference ID: 11979

WANDA registration

Please go here to register for this event. Additional information can also be found on the WANDA event page.

WANDA downloadable documentation


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