Neutron Scattering

The interaction of neutrons with matter is central to both basic and applied nuclear science from the functioning of nuclear reactors and weapons to the formation of heavy elements in astrophysical settings. However, the fact that they interact with the world solely through the nuclear forces and gravitation makes the modeling of neutron transport both challenging to model (e.g., evaluate) and fascinating to study.

The BAND group is engaged in a number of collaborative efforts to measure and evaluate neutron scattering data. This includes:

  • The development of the first-ever benchmark data set for the production of gamma-ray from the scattering of fast neutrons based on the “Baghdad Atlas”
  • The quantification of uncertainties in the determination of fast (n,x) reactions
  • The measurement of (n,n'γ) using the Gamma Energy Neutron Energy Spectrometer for Inelastic Scattering (GENESIS) designed to measure both scattered neutrons and high-resolution γ-rays in coincidence
  • Measuring the scattering and absorption of fast neutrons on chlorine to aid in the design of Molten Chloride Salt Reactors (MCSR) using the High Flux Neutron Generator (HFNG)
  • Designing Energy Tuning Assemblies to “shape” neutron spectra for specific applications