The Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File (ENSDF) is a database containing the measured properties of nuclei including decay data. It contains recommended level energies, spins, parities, half-lives, gamma-ray energies, radiation energies, intensities, decay modes, and other pertinent information for over 3,300 nuclides. This unique database is continually updated by a community of evaluators, nuclear physicists specializing in performing critical reviews of nuclear measurements, who determine the “best” values for all nuclear level properties and decays with trackable references. This is a unique database in the world and serves as the authoritative source for measured data about the nucleus.

Nuclear Data Program, also known as Isotopes Project, was a significant contributor to this database since early 1980’s after the publication of 7th Edition of Table of Isotope1. Following the retirements of former longtime evaluators Dr. Eddie Browne, Dr. Richard B. Firestone, and Dr. Coral M. Baglin, Dr. M. Shamsuzzoha Basunia is currently continuing the effort at LBNL at nearly a full-time level, while Dr. Aaron Hurst and Dr. Jon C. Batchelder also contribute. The effort bridging/supporting other activities like horizontal evaluations of beta delayed proton and alpha emission, n,n’g database, x-ray gamma rays coincidence database by sharing intergroup expertise and also often getting benefit from the experiments carried out by members of the group at the 88-inch cyclotron at LBNL and elsewhere.

1) Table of Isotopes (7th Edition), Editors, C.M. Lederer and V.S. Shirley, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (1978)