Isotope Production Nuclear Data Issues

The purpose of the Isotope Production Nuclear Data Issues (IPNDI) website is to provide a mechanism for the data users of the Isotope Production community to submit requests when they the lack the nuclear data to carry out R&D. In such a system, IP users in need of new or improved cross section or decay data may submit a request ticket, leading to a continuously-updated, community-driven list of data needs, in addition to the normal feedback gained through conferences, workshops, and the like. This would generate a compiled list of cross section and decay data needs, which could be trivially cross-referenced against the range of facilities capable of performing measurements.

This list cannot directly be used to request nuclear data measurements be performed, as this would necessarily require funding, but this community-driven list will serve as an up-to-date list of needs, and may be used by funding agencies as input when guiding calls for R&D proposals. We may also be able to help you identify a research facility which can help perform targeted measurements.

In addition, for cases where the body of production data measurements are sufficient yet lack agreement, users may request for an evaluation of a given reaction (and its contaminants) to provide a set of recommended values and corresponding uncertainties.

For questions or technical issues regarding the website, please contact Dr. Andrew Voyles. If you have nuclear structure-specific needs, please click here. More information about our group's isotope production efforts is also available here.